Tumors Burner – (Inventions and ideas)

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It is a very economical alternative to gamma therapy
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Gamma-ray therapy is an alternative to shrink a tumor.
The principle is to send low-intensity rays from different directions, to avoid damaging the humnan tissue.
Thus rays focus at a point, to “burn” the cells that are at that point. (see picture).


All procedures are performed in the offices of Herrero & Associates Intellectual Property, to Natascha Clausen (nclausen@herrero.es) office to ensure good treatment of the patent.
They have contracts and confidentiality agreements required to formalize the operation, which usually work. ( Tel: +34 91 522 74 20 http://www.herrero.es/ # Alcalá, 35 – Floors 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th :: 28014 Madrid Spain).


This development is not a definitive cure for cancer, but it is an alternative to burn the tumor without “radiate” the fabric with the consequences of Gamma rays.

Consists of a device placed in the tumor.
This device is very small (less than 1 millimeter) from an external device using very low cost, allows the device reaches temperatures inserted burn cells found around them (the maximum temperature is 400 degrees Celsius ).


The device must be inserted through a syringe or similar object into the tumor.
In many cases, this operation is impossible or highly dangerous.
Verify the position of the internal device regularly according to the experience of medical practice.


The internal device has a negligible cost.
They can be installed several simultaneously.
The external device is very low cost, can be used repeatedly, and its size makes it transportable by a personao to have it at home.
The patient may have the device and applications made ​​at home without gamma equipment.
Allows applications in time and frequency established by the medical clinic use.
The verification of the location of the device can be achieved through an x-ray or ultrasound.
Heat intervals may be continuous or time-pulsed.


It is the intention to achieve a patent in Spain and simultaneously in the U.S. and Germany to be a commercially valuable patent.

Initial cost of search and contrcts are 1,500 euros
Miscellaneous expenses 500 euros
Patent costs in Spain are 2,500 euros

Patent costs 5,000 euros in Germany
Cost in U.S. patent 5,000 euros
Cost patent in the world, approximately 80,000 euros.

Cost Prototype (Patentable Develop)

Prototype development patentable, approximately 200,000 euros to be tested on animals.

Sale price of the patent

Not estimated.

Profit for the investor

Recovery of the initial investment + plus a 10% stake in the patent contrcact once marketed it.
The goal is not to make the device, but sell the patent to a manufacturer.

Because the medical use, the contract conditions have fixed sales price, as well as the prescription should not manufactured.

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ist der plötzliche und unerwartete Tod
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