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I would like to share with you
one of the experiences
most exciting of my life


How is this trip ?

Go to a village in the Republic of Mali, give water to develop vegetable gardens, cattle and thus ensure that more than 2,000 people to provide their own food, without depending on more gifts and donations.

The Trip


This is not a typical trip “organized” by an agency.

In exchange for that, you will live a unique experience.

Es un traslado de materiales, equipo y herramientas, para que Usted mismo pueda colaborar con obras de acción humanitaria y vivir esta experiencia en su persona. Naturalmente, quedará tiempo para poder conocer los habitantes, las aldeas y las zonas en todo el recorrido.

We will go together, a move of materials, equipment and tools, so that you can work with the same humanitarian work and live this experience in his person.
Naturally, it will be time to get to know the people, villages and areas throughout the tour.

It is approximately 4,000 miles.

Will form a group of about 10 people, left Madrid, Spain, passed through Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania to arrive at the Republic of Mali with all necessary equipment for installation.

The village chosen is Kanikombulé province of Mopti, Bandiagara region.


At a minimum 15 days for those who only want to travel and carry all the equipment for the installation of a pumping station automatic water, pipes, solar panels, tools, etc..
Those who wish, can stay in all installation work whose duration can stay for a period of up to 3 months.

Approximate travel, (Click aquí)

HotelCaminoMaliSleeping and Eating


It will make the necessary stops on the trip, sleeping and eating.
All members of the group carried a radio and a GPS to be located and locatable at all times.

For most of the trip, there will be two options for food and sleeping, either in a hotel and restaurant amenities.
At some stops, we can not have many amenities, so your only option is to stop in safe cities, although the conditions are not ideal accommodation.



You will travel with experts in the area who know the customs and the area, as well as border crossings. Must be VERY IN MIND that is not a “simple walk”.

Given the necessary precautions, we can have a very good trip, meet people and places that are not accessible by travel agencies.
Among the members of the group previously prepare the details of the trip, in order to live this experience with the greatest possible intensity.

VehiculoLivinaoFor the trip becomes an exciting and enjoyable, we will travel in two groups to separate temporarily, depending on the places you want to know.

As the journey unfolds in time and incidents, evaluate the posibility to visit other places on the trip.

Those who wish to continue after the 15 days provided for the trip to learn more about the area, while making facilities, can work or visit the area with specialized people of the place.

For this reason, we load vehicles, 4×4 and economic vehicles to travel faster and go for people without cars carry a negative contrasting with the area.

The objective is to integrate into the society in which we will be traveling.


It needs to gather the sum of 60,000 euros to buy the material, tools and equipment required for installation necessary.
This cost is divided between people who travel.
For this reason, we need to gather a group of about 10 people.


IntalandoIBIWe will not present them with food transport.

This would mean that we will not spend 10 euros per person of the village so they can eat for a month.
What we will do is to gather about 30 euros per capita (the money for food 3 months) in order to purchase and install the equipment sufficient and that the village can forever food provided for them and water for livestock.

That is, for a village of over 2,000 peoples, we must gather the sum of 60,000 euros.

You should take the money for the trip.
This money depends on what kind of hotel you prefer, places to eat and other expenses of things to buy along the way.

With this trip, definitely finish the drought and famine in infant mortality reaching values ​​of 25% (click aqui),

Photographs (Click aqui)


If you are interested in this proposal, I beg leave a comment on this post with your mail. Or can a mail, we will contact you shortly.

This way we can keep in contact, ask questions and everyone can receive the necessary information.

Atte Luis Fernando Massa
Cruz Azul Internacional (cl)
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